Latest shot from GDC as war over ARF heats up

Dental Fusion has responded to the latest offer from the General Dental Council regarding the Annual Retention Fee emailed to all registrants recently.

The Chief Executive of the General Dental Council, Evlynne Gilvarry, has sent an email to all registrants setting out a new series of proposals for its Annual Retention Fee. In addition to the original figure of £945 (2014=£576), there are two lower figures of £890 and £850. Either of the lower two figures would also result in a decrease for DCPs to £116 or £111 (2014=£120)

The GDC repeats its assertion that there has been an 110 per cent increase in complaints since 2011 and that its forecasts and budgets for 2015-17 have received confirmation from accounting firm KPMG as 'realistic'.

The issue was due to be decided at a meeting of the GDC on 30th October.

Derek Watson of Dental Fusion, a group representing dentists and DCPs in primary dental care, said

Offering DCPs a decrease in their ARF in return for dentists accepting an increase is a blatant attempt to divide and rule the profession and stifle opposition from the largest registrant group-nurses. By offering to reduce their ARF, the GDC is finally accepting that DCPs are overcharged—possibly on advice from KPMG.

There are no proposals to reduce the operating costs of the GDC including their final salary pensions and bloated expenses. KPMG has not considered the effect of the introduction of Case Examiners who will be able to throw out frivolous or vexatious complaints or refer cases back for local resolution at an early stage.

We would have preferred to have seen a lower range of figures including one that is in line with inflation since the last increase. Costs at the GDC are out of control as it continues to purse its policy of prosecuting every registrant at some point in their career.

There is a very significant failure of corporate governance at the GDC, which thinks it can use the ARF as a blank cheque book.

Dental Fusion is calling for the resignation of the Chief Executive, Evlynne Gilvarry and has recommended a series of actions to its members, including cancelling their direct debits, for which it gives credit against its membership fees.