Fuji Ortho dramatically reduces chairside time

Fuji Ortho LC is available in GC's ultra-convenient automix delivery system, as well as capsules and hand mixed presentations, so in addition to the convenience of light-curing, clinicians can also enjoy freedom of choice of quantity, but always with guaranteed optimised mixing ratios.

Fuji Ortho LC is the first light-cured, resin-reinforced glass ionomer for bracket bonding. Now clinicians can work faster and easier, whilst securing the full strength needed without decalcification (white spots) at debonding. Fuji Ortho LC delivers benefits that composites cannot claim. It is moisture-friendly, so it bonds perfectly in a wet field. It can be used with either a non-etch or etch technique and no separate bonding agent is needed. Because it is less technique sensitive operators can dramatically reduce chairside time.

Fuji Ortho LC light-cures in 20-40 seconds with instant strength and it will even set chemically in the absence of light. You can insert orthodontic wires during the same visit.

Advanced glass ionomer technology bonds brackets with ample strength for even the most aggressive treatment, yet it is easy to remove at case completion without damaging the enamel. Final clean-up is fast and trouble-free.

After many years of clinical trials brackets were debonded without decalcification. Fuji Ortho LC releases significant levels of fluoride to help prevent decalcification and decay. Plus the fluoride in toothpastes and mouthrinses actually recharge its fluoride release capacity.

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